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Deliver “more fun for everyone” Customers throughout the World

Ten years have passed as of March 31, 2016, since BANDAI and NAMCO merged and established as the game business of the group.

BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. started as a game business company. However, we are continuing our evolution to meet the speed of the world trend. The change of the company name to “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.” in 2015 is one example of our challenge to step up to more broad Entertainment business.

We give shape to “a new type of fun” with amazing ideas and newer technology than any others. And we make your ordinary everyday lives more enjoyable than now and change them into something that allows customers throughout the world to keep smiling. This is what we want to be.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. will continue speedy challenge toward the next stage to deliver “more fun for everyone” to customers around the world.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
President and CEO
Satoshi Oshita President and CEO BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.