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Content for Net work Content for Consol Content for Arcade Events and Brand Merchandise Pachinko and Pachi-suro IP Axis strategy

IP Axis Strategy

We deliver wide-ranging products catering for diversified needs by adopting the following two business models.

1. CMD(Character Marchandising)
Plan network content and games utilizing the character of Intellectual Properties (IP) lisensed from copyright owners, and launch the products in a timely manner in collaboration with copyright owners and media
2. Creation of our original Intellectual Properties
Creation of our original Intellectual Properties by developing network content and games

Our Efforts at a Various Business

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. is engaged in a wide variety of businesses as given below in addition to network content, home video game software, arcade game machines and pachinko pachislo, to name but a few:

Game Method Consulting Business

The Game Method is an idea of applying technology and know-how cultivated through developing games to products or services in other areas than games. Thanks to a wealth of experience in producing games, many of our game software applications are designed to allow users to operate them or play intuitively without reading their instruction manual. In this way, we help our customers utilize our unique expertise to make things easier to use, easier to understand, and more enjoyable to use in making products and services closely associated with people’s lives available. We help develop household appliances, interfaces and services that make people feel like continuing to use.

Special Flag

Special Flag
If you meet certain conditions in a game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, the Special Flag icon will appear on the screen, awarding you a bonus item or the “1 UP” privilege.
To value our creators’ fun spirit, which helped add value to our games, it was adopted as the name of the team involved in this project.