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BANDAI NAMCO Group focuses its initiatives on the underlying corporate concept “Fun for the future!” by promoting the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to provide “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration.” In addition, BANDAI NAMCO Group's Important CSR Themes consists of four areas, “Safety and Cleanliness of Products and Services”, “Environmental Consideration”, “Impact of Content and Product Expressions on Society and Our Policy” and “Supply Chain Management”, that require special initiatives. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is working hard to achieve the objectives of each area.

Safety and Cleanliness of Products and Services

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment considers it important to ensure safety of all the people ranging from those customers who actually play games to all other people who are involved in our products in the entire product cycle from manufacturing to disposal, and formulates comprehensive safety standards that encompass development, production, sales, after-sales services and environmental measures, thereby developing products that take safety into consideration.

At the 8th Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Awards for Best Contributors to Product Safety for fiscal 2014, we were rated highly in terms of “manufacturing and safety verification in compliance with internal standards”, “supply chain, information sharing among customers, and information provision system” and “holding of in-house exhibitions and educational activities targeting those concerned.” As a result, we were granted the Outstanding Award in the Large Manufacturing Business Operators and Importers Category, the first ever recipient of this award from the amusement industry. We will continue to strive to offer safe products and services that allow customers to enjoy with no worry so that we may uphold this recognition and honor.

Environmental Consideration

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment issued the industry's first “Green Procurement Standard” in 2005. Since then, we have been engaged in manufacturing products of environmental consideration, and drew up “Environmental Consideration Design Guidelines” in January 2012. This system of certification has helped further advance environmental consideration design initiatives which were already in place at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.

*BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment eco label was registered in the environmental labels database of the Ministry of the Environment in 2014.

Eco Management initiatives have brought together environmental and business activities. For example, we participated in Cool Biz and Warm Biz seasonal projects, the biggest Japanese ecological exhibition “Eco-Products 2015” and local event “Shinagawa ECO Festival 2015”.
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will continue to seek further safety while working on manufacturing eco-friendly products.

Impact of Content and Product Expressions on Society and Our Policy

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment strives to manage our expressions in our content appropriately so that they may never have an adverse impact on customers or make them feel uncomfortable. Specifically, we pay attention not only to excessive violence or sexual expressions in our games, but also to expressions associated with religion or politics, as well as accidents or incidents that have a huge impact on society.

As our business activities are wide-ranging from home video game software to arcade game machines to mobile PCs content, each business has standards of its own. Thus, while comparing the respective standards against the conditions of the times, we carefully manage and observe the standards. For instance, as for home video game software, in accordance with the rating system by age set by the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO), which recommends the target age according to the game software content, we display the mark indicating the target age bracket granted based on review on the package. Using these appropriate expressions, we are able to develop products that allow customers to have fun with.

Supply Chain Management

Based on the belief that it is critical to properly manage the supply chain in order to maintain and enhance the quality of products, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has implemented the “Green Audits” to check the chemical substance management system at suppliers both at home and abroad since 2007 with the aim of eliminating the risks of toxic chemical substances contamination. We now conduct the “BNE Supplier Audit” to verify the management systems of our business partners for multiple purposes. We verify the our business partners' management systems for the purpose of maintaining and improving quality of products, as well as verifying the work environment at overseas production facilities for the purpose of maintaining a proper working environment, along with the verification of chemical substance management systems of our business partners.

Furthermore, for the purpose of sharing information with suppliers both at home and abroad, we hold a supplier presentation on green procurement in Japan and China. Moreover, we provide the latest information on our company standards and laws and regulations efficiently via our “Supplier Site” set up in 2009. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is determined to continue addressing the task of enhancing quality through concerted efforts with our suppliers.